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Full Proposal Outline

Finalists will be notified to complete a full proposal, which must be submitted by August 31, 2013. The outline for the proposal is below.

  1. General information: official name of applicant, contact person, address, phone, email address
  2. Name and description of project (no more than three single-spaced pages) including detailed project budget, outlining how – and for what – the money will be spent, other funding sources
  3. Issues targeted in the proposal (check all that apply):
    • Early Childhood Education
    • Reading Proficiency
    • Quality Teaching
    • Children/Families in Poverty
    • Postsecondary Educational Attainment
  4. Describe the impact that the grant would have on the target issue(s)
  5. Describe the extent to which the project would meet important needs and/or address root causes.
  6. Describe how the project will be characterized by
    • openness and transparency
    • accountability
    • measurability
    • collaboration
    • sustainability
    • the leveraging of grant funds
  7. Percentage of the applicant’s board of directors who have contributed to the applicant organization in the past fiscal year.
  8. Grant amount requested: $______ (2013) $______ (2014) $______ (2015)
    • TOTAL $______

Attachments to include:

  • Latest financial reports
  • IRS 501(c)(3) certification letter
  • List of Board of Directors and Staff/Volunteers
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