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Volume 3 Issue 1

In This Issue

Dental care for poor youth "a huge, huge need"

Low Medicaid reimbursements and lack of insurance complicate access

According to a Kentucky Youth Advocates study based on data from 2004, 10,780 children in Daviess County under the age of 21 were eligible for Medicaid or KCHIP (the Kentucky Children’s Health Insurance Program). Of that number, only 3,440, or 32 percent, received any dental care. More than two-thirds of eligible patients went untreated. The study reveals similar numbers across the state – only 33 percent of Medicaid- or KCHIP-eligible recipients under 21 receiving dental care.

Framing the Issue:

The State Budget

The state legislature has convened, and once again the battle lines are drawn between those who have pledged not to raise taxes and who want to shrink government, and those who claim that we are under-funded and unprepared to meet increasing needs in education, health care and other vital services.

Being gay in Owensboro

Gay or lesbian people living here have to come to a great compromise with their own personalities. They must project a false persona with all people at all times. It’s a mixture of denial, of self-protection, and it is absolutely necessary for them to do this. It takes a tremendous toll on their spirits,” says Rev. Michael Erwin of New Hope United Church of Christ.

Editor's Notes:

Public dialogue and the smoking ordinance

Daviess County government’s recent action on a smoking ordinance serves as a valuable case study in grassroots democracy. The initiative was rooted in growing concerns over the dangers of secondhand smoke and sparked by sporadic regulatory successes across the nation and state, most recently in Lexington, Louisville and Georgetown.

Citizens Speak: Leaders Respond

Leib report documents citizen support of baseball stadium

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