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Volume 3 Issue 2

In This Issue

Prepared for college, prepared for life?

Remedial programs, higher expectations and creative partnerships key to education gains in Owensboro-Daviess County

As business leaders express dismay that the U.S. workforce is losing its competitive edge in technology and the sciences, increasing numbers of educators and concerned citizens point an accusing finger at American high schools. Scores on the federal government’s report card for public schools, the National Assessment of Educational Progress or NAEP, show that American students make rapid gains in elementary school, slow a bit in middle school and stall in senior high.

From my perspective:

Laments of a Smoker

A lot of people want me to stop smoking cigarettes. My mother would like for me to stop (although she says little about it) because, I suspect, she would like to think I will live at least as long as she has. She just turned 80, and never smoked cigarettes herself. She has been exposed over the long-term to secondhand smoke generated by my father, my grandfather, my step-father, and until recently, me. I don’t smoke in the house anymore.

Framing the Issue:

What about fairness?

Local tax structure has many inequities

There are differences in government services from one area to another, but most people do not notice the difference. Is such a disparity justified? Is this right? Is this fair?

Raising Wages

Helping the poor and ramifications of minimum wage mandates

The Kentucky General Assembly recently considered raising the state’s minimum wage from the current $5.15 to $6 this year and $6.50 next year, but some economists say that’s not the best way to help low-income families and individuals. Poverty should be attacked from various angles, they say, including higher wages, the federal Earned Income Tax Credit and support services.

Editor's Notes:

Dialog is long overdue

Public is largely uninformed about local governments and school systems

As the city-county government unification task force prepares its March 20 final report, some members are perplexed that the public has shown little interest in its work. Only a handful of non-members attended any of the bi-weekly open meetings since the group was named more than a year ago.

Citizens Speak: Leaders Respond

Forum participants share views about the state budget

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