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    • Background
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    • Option 1: Rely on dentists in private practices
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    • Option 2: Create a new clinic or expand existing ones
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    • Option 3: Advocate for reimbursement increases
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    • Option 4: Focus on prevention
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    • Discussion Questions / Dental Data
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Dental care for disadvantaged youth

Local options for expanded services




Discussion Questions

Which option(s) do you prefer and why?

Are there other options? Are there better ways to help more disadvantaged youth get the dental care they need?

What are the tradeoffs with regard to the options? Are they worth it? Are we willing to pay higher taxes or otherwise sacrifice to help more disadvantaged youth?
Should the needs of disadvantaged youth take precedent over the needs of uninsured low-income adults?

What can each of us do to more effectively address this issue?

What is the role of the public, government, schools, insurance and drug companies, employers and others in addressing the issue?



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