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Volume 3 Issue 6

In This Issue

Editor's Notes:

Beyond convincing

The task of political strategists is to influence elections, not to educate voters…we must develop more effective ways to inform and educate the public.

School Choice and Special Needs

Does a school choice bill to be considered in the upcoming state legislature reflect a commendable effort to address deficiencies in public school special education, or are proponents overselling the benefits in order to open the door for private school vouchers?

The Influence of the Pulpit:

Pastors warned of political restrictions

Do local churches try to make a difference at the voting booth during election time, and if so, how far do they go?

Framing the Issue:

Prenatal Care for the Poor

Is our community positioned to meet the need?

Ninety percent of pregnant women in Owensboro-Daviess County receive prenatal care in the first trimester, which is six percent more than the national average. With the recent reduction in prenatal services at the health department, should we be concerned about our capacity to sustain this vital service?

Citizens Speak: Leaders Respond

Summaries of citizen views from four community forums: Waging a Living, Coal-Fired Power Plants, Immigration, and Riverfront (youth forum).

The Tracker: Data of Interest

Religion, ethics and politics: What do Americans really believe?



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