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Volume 2 Issue 2

In This Issue

The Medical Malpractice Debate

VA hospital model demonstrates that Honesty is the best policy

While physicians, insurance companies, consumer advocates, and trial attorneys place the blame on one another for high malpractice insurance costs, a Lexington hospital’s full disclosure policy significantly lowered its liability costs and may be a model to replicate.

Framing the Issue:

Strengthening Social Security

Ideology or Economics? Modest Adjustments or Massive Overhaul? Will the debate dwell on higher returns and private control of retirement funds or effective and fiscally responsible steps to balance the books?

CHCA Takes Five

Advocacy group targets five issues in '05

CHCA was created following a health needs assessment in 2000 initiated by the Public Life Foundation and completed by Ireson and others at UK. It revealed that health care access, costs and associated problems were a major concern of citizens in the region.

Editor's Notes:

Rwanda horror should change us

A few weeks ago, my wife and I joined our Sunday School class to view the film, Hotel Rwanda. A gripping, horrific story of international indifference and personal heroism amid the 1994 genocide in that African country, the film left us stunned and perplexed as to why our government – why all of us – did not do more to stop the killing. It’s hard to fathom such a slaughter.

Citizens Speak: Leaders Respond

Residents shape Old Germantown redevelopment; Residents share faith traditions; Report on City-County Unification Test Forum

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