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    • Option 1: An eclectic mix of projects, driven by the marketplace
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What will work along the riverfront?

Option 1: An eclectic mix of projects, driven by the marketplace

With $40 million of public sector leadership, we should have confidence that private investment will follow. Under this option, property owners and developers would be allowed to seize opportunities and take risks. They (and their lenders) would determine if there is a need for retail, housing, restaurants, offices, hotels or entertainment establishments. Government would stay out of their business.

In a public workshop hosted by PRIDE to determine citizen preferences for developments and uses along Veteran’s Boulevard between the Executive Inn and RiverPark Center, participants favored first floor restaurants, sidewalk cafe’s, shops and boutiques, bookstores, upscale bars, coffee shops, and other complementary uses. Offices, residential, and hotel uses were recommended for upper floors. This option suggests that the marketplace can respond to such preferences.


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