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The Challenged American Family: What Should We Do?

The War on Poverty

The Reading Priority Forum

Early Childhood Education Forum

Hillcrest Golf Course Forum

Examining the Tradeoffs of Additional Coal Plants Proposed for Our Area

“We the People” 2010: How Will We Work & Learn in 2020?

The Executive Inn Property: Our Community Vision

The Executive Inn Property: Our Community Vision

Public opinion on OMHS plan to build a new hospital

At Stake: The kind of community the people want

Charting A New Course (2005)

Voter Guide (2004)

Insurance Premiums Report (2003)

Landlocked (2003)

All Is Not Well (2002)

Healthcare Directories (2002)

Kentucky Journalism Hall of Fame Speech (2002)

Prescription Drug Report (2002)

Riverfront Development Report (2001)

The People’s Health Project (2001)

Green River Health Needs Assessments (2000)

Doble Public Opinion Study (1999)

The Peirce Report (1991)

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