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  • 1
    • Introduction
  • 2
    • Downtown Arena
  • 3
    • Main Street Renovations
  • 4
    • Marina/Boat Ramp
  • 5
    • Rec-plex/Ice Rink
  • 6
    • Stadium for Baseball/Concerts
  • 7
    • Convention Center/Parking Garage
  • 8
    • Other Community Projects
  • 9
    • What is the capacity of Local Government to Finance these Projects?

Big Dreams, Big Decisions :

A citizen guide to prioritizing proposed community projects

Main Street Renovations

Downtown Arena

Baseball Stadium

Marina/Boat Ramp

Convention Ctr/
Parking Garage

Rec-plex/Ice Rink

The look and feel of Owensboro and Daviess County could well be enriched in the years ahead. Public officials, community leaders, financial experts, organizational boards, a variety of committees, and private fundraisers all are wrestling with ways to build ambitious community projects now under consideration. The Public Life Advocate offers a guide to help citizens assess, prioritize, and have an informed voice in decisions concerning the largest of these substantial public investments.

Talk can be cheap, but construction and financing are not. In recent years, local officials and project proponents have done a lot of talking about their favored projects, but as decisions draw near, our community faces difficult choices.

If but a few of the proposed projects come about, Owensboro will experience transformational change. Dramatic public improvements to the riverfront, new assembly facilities, community recreation and educational facilities could change our visual landscape and improve amenities, while intensifying financial obligations for generations to come.

Some believe these community investments are long overdue and vital to keeping Owensboro and Daviess County competitive and appealing. Others are satisfied with what our community currently has to offer and favor less spending.

How do you feel about these projects? What are your priorities? We offer the following information in order to help you become more informed and better prepared to come to judgment on these major community projects.

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