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Big Dreams, Big Decisions :

A citizen guide to prioritizing proposed community projects

Rec-Plex/Ice Rink

Rec-plex/Ice RinkA centerpiece of the city-county parks master plan, this proposal includes an ice rink, gymnasium, indoor pool-water park, exercise machines, multi-purpose rooms and support space. Our existing ice rink has long outlived its projected life and can only be used in cold weather months. Our two public swimming pools are only open during the summer. The Rec-Plex would allow year-round use of the rink and pool.
Note: An ice rink could be incorporated into an arena project, and Executive Inn owner John Bays has expressed interest in building a water park with private funds.

Capacity: 120,000-130,000 square feet

Cost Estimate:
$18 million (Rec-Plex)
$4.2 million (rink only)
($3 million if part of the arena)

Potential Uses: recreation, fitness activities and classes, sports: hockey, swimming, basketball, volleyball, and more

Financing Options:

  • Government Bonds
  • ODCH Wellness Funds
  • State/Federal Grant

Est. Debt Service:
$1.4 million per year (@ 4.6% over 20 years)*
(If $18 million is 100% financed)

Operating subsidy: to be determined

Economic Impact: construction jobs, construction purchasing, permanent operating jobs, annual payroll/payroll taxes, out-of-town visitors, annual local purchasing

Taxes generated: sales tax, payroll tax, hotel taxes, other taxes
*current rates and terms for municipal borrowing


  • Ice rink needs to be replaced with year round facility
  • May enable us to attract a minor league hockey team
  • Will provide first year-round public swimming facility
  • Facilities and programs will improve fitness
  • Enhances community image


  • Construction/financing cost
  • Will likely require an operating subsidy
  • Rec-Plex may compete with YMCA, HealthPark, church and private fitness clubs
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