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    • Introduction
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    • Downtown Arena
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    • Main Street Renovations
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    • Marina/Boat Ramp
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    • Rec-plex/Ice Rink
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    • Stadium for Baseball/Concerts
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    • Convention Center/Parking Garage
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    • Other Community Projects
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    • What is the capacity of Local Government to Finance these Projects?

Big Dreams, Big Decisions :

A citizen guide to prioritizing proposed community projects

Downtown Arena

Downtown ArenaA downtown arena could be an anchor to complement the Executive Inn and a new or expanded convention center. The need for a more competitive facility gained momentum after Owensboro lost this year’s Kentucky-Indiana high school all-star game to Bowling Green and its renovated Diddle Arena. Some feel such a facility is key to the Executive Inn’s long-term viability, and the tourist-convention business it generates and accommodates.

6,000 seats (sports events)
8,200 seats (concerts)

Cost Estimate: $29 - $32 million

Potential Uses:

  • KWC basketball
  • Trade shows exhibitions
  • Arena Football
  • Professional Hockey
  • Indoor Soccer
  • Special events: concerts, circuses, wrestling, boxing, rodeos, basketball tournaments and all-star games, assemblies, etc.

Financing Options:

  • State Government
  • Grant
  • Bonds
  • Tax Increment Financing (TIF)
  • Hotel-Motel Tax
  • Private Sources (i.e., naming rights)
  • Local Government

Est. Debt Service: $1.25 million annually (assumes 50% financed through TIF, 50% @ 4.6% over 20-25 years)*

Operating subsidy: $200-300,000 per year

Economic Impact: construction jobs, construction purchasing, permanent operating jobs, annual payroll/payroll taxes, out-of-town visitors, annual local purchasing

Taxes generated: sales tax, payroll tax, hotel taxes, other taxes
*current rates and terms for municipal borrowing


  • Expands our capacity to attract and accommodate larger conventions, concerts, assemblies, exhibitions, tournaments, and all-star games
  • Better facility to attract larger crowds for KWC basketball
  • A boost to the Executive Inn and other hotels
  • May enable us to attract another sport (e.g., arena football, minor league hockey)
  • Increased revenue from hotel-motel tax
  • Creates jobs (construction, operating) and spin-off business
  • Boost to downtown, new restaurants, shops, increased restoration, etc.
  • Enhances community image


  • Construction/financing cost
  • Limited market to support such a facility
  • Will likely require an operating subsidy
  • KWC may prefer a campus facility
  • OHS and OCHS will likely play basketball in their own facilities
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